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The Masterclass

Tired of everyone talking about body acceptance but never giving the details about *how* to start the journey?

I've done it.
I've created the most inclusive, affordable, jam packed 2 hour masterclass that will leave you with the tools to actually build the body acceptance you crave.

WHEN? Live recording to keep forever
WHERE? Available straight after purchase

Are you tired of tearing apart every inch of your body?

Do you long to be able to look in the mirror & not pick apart the new stretch mark, the lumps & bumps, the shape of your hips?

Are you interested in the idea of accepting your body and loving yourself but you don't have a clue where to start?

Or maybe you've tried some self help techniques but nothing seems to be sticking or actually working for you?

And you want to finally feel comfortable and confident in your body after so many years of self hatred?

This is for you my girl.

This 2 hour masterclass breaks down the exact tools & habits that will help you build complete body acceptance.



2 hour masterclass.
Lifetime access to the masterclass recording.

SIX sections of the key areas of body acceptance including tools, techniques, guidance, expertise & in-depth explanations.
Workbook for each section with journal prompts & accountability tracker.



When I say this is jam packed, I mean JAM PACKED girly!

These are the exact methods that have allowed me to:

➸Show up loud & proud as a curvy, midsize woman.
➸Stop putting myself & my body down at every chance I get.
➸Work through unhelpful thoughts & failure.
➸Bring joy into my life every single day.
➸Stop comparing my body to others.
➸Realise that who I am is enough & I don't need to change.
➸See my curviness as a strength & superpower rather than something to shy away from.
➸Attract in wonderful friendships, self love, a business of my dreams & a community of like-minded women on the same journey.

I know how it feels...

To have the voice in your head constantly tearing you down.
To feel like the outsider in social situations.
To hide in the corner or behind baggy t-shirts out of fear/shame.
To never feel like enough.
To want to accept yourself.

But to not know where to begin.

That is why I created this masterclass.
An accessible, inclusive tool that really leaves no girly behind.

You deserve to feel comfortable & at peace with your body.

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