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Autumn Days ❤

The other day I went to a pumpkin patch for the first time! I know pumpkin patches are a relatively new phenomenon in Britain but I still felt I was missing out on something that seems so me (haha). And it did not disappoint. I put my cozy jumper and favourite autumn snuggly jacket on and headed out into the country. I must say the drive to the patch in itself was a cozy experience, driving down the autumn tree lined roads, like something out of one of those aesthetically pleasing Hallmark movies myself and my sister love 😍.

I parked up in the field, was informed my little car probably won't get stuck in the mud, well that's nice to know isn't it! It was then time to raid through the thousands of cute orange balls. I LOVED the fact that even the wheelbarrows were orange, how festive! Once we'd done one sweep of the lot and taken wayyy too many aesthetic photos, we headed off for a hot beverage. I've been really into my hot chocolates recently, so the obvious choice for me was the orange hot chocolate on the seasonal menu.

The trouble with pumpkin patches is that I could spend alllll day selecting the 'perfect' pumpkin, only to think that one a few steps down the row is 'the one' instead of the couple we'd been lugging around for the last half hour. But once I told myself that I had to stop looking, I selected my pumpkins😊.

I would highly recommend visiting a pumpkin patch in the future if you didn't this year. Not only is it supporting a local business, but it's such a fun autumnal day out!

Outfit info:

Jacket | Boohoo (old)

Jumper | ASOS

Jeans | ASOS

Boots | New Look

Headband | Primark


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