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Checklist for Instagram success

So, I heard you are new to the social media game?


You are in the right place my friend.

I have put together a spectacular, no BS checklist to help you succeed with your Instagram. From scratch.

This is for the new business owner, the coach, the influencer who wants to utilise social media to find clients, prospective customers, and build genuine connections.

So let's get into it.

  1. Cleanse the visual palette.

The first thing that viewers see is what?

Your profile picture. Do not have a picture of your breakfast as your profile picture. Please.

You need a bright, smiling picture of yourself. Or your brand logo. Your profile picture is a tiny snippet of your account that needs to catch the users attention straight away.

2. Have clear branding.

The user's interest has been peaked by the profile picture and they are now on your profile page.

What should they see?

Your content. Have clear, good quality square images or graphics. Get creative! Make the lettering bold, italic, underline the important points.

Catch their attention. Make them want to click on the posts and increase your engagement.

3. Your bio must be slick.

Think of your bio as your shorthand resume.

Who are you? What is your business? Who do you help? What are your special skills?

However do not write in full sentences, no one reads anymore. Make it short, sharp and snappy.

For example:

'I help female wellness coaches improve their Instagram strategy.

Specialised in:

- Reels, Pinterest marketing & content creation'

Then link to your website. Always add a call to action. Entice them to stay with you longer.

4. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags.

Now that you have your imagery and branding down, it is time to knuckle down to the good stuff.

Enter.. hashtags.

Instagram recently put out a statement that you should only use 5-8 hashtags per post. But I personally don't agree with this. I say use as many hashtags as you feel are relevant to your content and niche.

This requires major research, which I will be doing a post on in the next few weeks so subscribe to my blog so you don't miss that, or follow my Instagram to keep up to date!

5. Show up on your stories.

This is the one that I feel most resistance against. What, you're telling me I have to post on my stories 5-10 times per day to have success?!

Sorry hun, it's kinda true. People engage with accounts that share their daily lives.

Have no fear though, it doesn't have to be too personal. It can be a day in the life of you as a business owner, or sharing tips and trainings on relevant topics to your niche.

6. Community & conversation over engagement.

The word engagement honestly makes my stomach churn. It sounds so clinical and daunting.

But conversation and genuine connection sounds inspiring and uplifting.

This is what you should be aiming for.

Start a discussion with a few people per day from different places. A great way to do this is by replying to their stories, or to ask them a question about a recent post in their DM's.

So to summarise...

  • Have a clear profile picture

  • Create exciting graphics or imagery

  • Use your bio as your resume

  • Do your hashtag research

  • Show up on stories

  • Create genuine connections

That's a lot, huh?

If the thought of keeping up with all of that every day seems a little too daunting then it sounds like you might be in the market for a social media manager!

Like me!

I can help keep on top of things for you.

I will create and maintain killer content for your Instagram, give you all the latest and greatest from Instagram in our weekly catchups, and do all the behind the scenes research for you (including hashtags, SEO optimisation and copywriting).

Book your FREE consultation today and let's create SUCCESS for you social media!

Lots of love,


x x x


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