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Hello March... ♡

Well, another month has flown by once again. And here I am, sat at my desk with blue skies shining, my fluffy jumper on and craving yet another cuppa.

It has been a while little blog, but I'm back.

I thought I'd start the month off strong with some life updates and general musings to get back into the swing of things.

Isn't the world in such an uncertain, scary and disappointing state? Yet again. I keep seeing memes about the poor kids that'll have to take their GCSE's with whole sections just about the history of 2020-2022. And boy are they accurate. We are living through history, and how cool is that?! Well, I say cool, but it's really all of the above adjectives isn't it.

For me, this year has been pretty uncertain. It's not started off with as much of a bang as I expected. I had some bad news to start the year off, and things are only slightly starting to look up as we enter March. But I'm remaining positive and excited for what is to come.

This month I have three exciting projects that I am working on already, all acting based. I am really challenging myself to not lose sight of my 'why' among the twists and turns of life. And acting has always been my biggest and truest passion.

For so long I slipped away from truly being creative as I focused on figures, money and what everyone else was doing. It's easy to do. But being self aware is the first step to getting back on track.

I've also been taking long hard looks at friendships in the past few weeks. It's something I will write on later this month so I won't say too much. But just know this, if you are like me and you are struggling with feelings of loneliness and self doubt, just know that the seasons of life are ever changing, ever shifting. It will not be like this forever. And you will find your people.

My content design business: 'The Reckless Success', is still going strong. I am always educating myself, and have watched more Procreate tutorials than a lady wishes to mention. It truly excites me. It excites me how much branding and design can bring a business to life.

I am working on some new products that will be available from my website which will help business owners establish themselves, create amazing content and truly achieve 'success' in their social presence. It makes me so happy. So keep your eyes peeled.

But this isn't a business plug, it's a catch-up with friends.

And I think that's me caught up for today.

I'm challenging myself to keep posting on here, bi-weekly at least. So help me stay accountable by subscribing to receive updates and freebies for your biz ☺

Speak soon.

Lots of love,


x x x


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