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How to stop overthinking ♡

I am a self proclaimed perfectionist and over-thinker.

To be able to live the life I now lead- with creative, time and financial freedom, I had to teach myself to stop overthinking every single move I make.

It was absolutely essential. I had to let go of sabotaging thoughts that would always crop up. Am I really good enough to talk online? Who am I to give advice? Will I ever succeed in this online space?

Not only that, I am constantly working on rejecting thoughts about my body that crop up. My hips look fat in this skirt, you can see my belly pooch in this dress. I look ugly. I don't suit this. I look disgusting.

These thoughts are not based in fact. I have created this narrative in my mind. And it is not a helpful narrative.

You may be able to see my belly pooch, but it is normal to have a stomach. My hips are not fat, they are nice and curvy. I do not look ugly, I am unique and powerful.

It's all about catching your thoughts and re-designing them little by little. It may be hard to begin with.

In this video I share the simple ways I have caught myself overthinking and how I have rewired my brain to deny the thoughts entry into my brain.

I hope you enjoy.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Lots of love,


x x x


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