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Stop taking life so seriously! How to use the law of attraction to change your life ♡

Hey everyone!

This post title seems quite harsh right? I hear you thinking it's easier said than done sis. How do I stop taking life seriously when there are serious issues all around us? When my life seems to be falling apart? When my relationship has just ended? When I'm in debt and I'm jobless?

I get you. Life is so tough. I completely get you and support you and your feelings are valid.

But here's the truth...

The more we focus on the negative, serious aspects of our lives; the more we attract them.

Yes, you read that right.

By simply thinking, reflecting and dwelling on situations, we attract more of that negative energy and experience into our lives.

If you are new to the law of attraction then let me break it down.

As beings in the universe we are all vibrating with energy. Literally everything in the universe has particles that are vibrating with energy. Our energy as humans is made up of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Law of Attraction, manifestation and quantum physics all dictate that like attracts like. Particles with the same energy are drawn to each other like magnets.

So by vibrating with positive energy (ie. positive thoughts, beliefs and emotions) we will attract positive energy to us. It's scientifically proven!

Lucky for us humans, we are not in a fixed vibration. This means with a bit of mindset training we may shift our energy to be more positive! And in turn, attract more positivity into our lives.

I truly think as humans having conversations and making connections we feel like we have to have something negative to say.

Think back to a recent conversation you had with a friend or colleague. Did you ask them how they are and get the response: 'not too bad', 'getting by' or 'I'm alright'?

It turns out that humans are programmed to remember and rely on negative emotions because the information takes longer for the brain to process, so more time is given to them, thus the brain keeps the information and stores it for longer.

So how do we shift the pattern and make a change in our thought patterns to become more positive thinking super humans?

The first step is to simply take note of your thoughts. With no judgement. Start to notice the patterns of your thoughts, and what situations they arise in. Consider starting a thought journal to record the times your negative patterns emerge.

By taking this first step you are opening the door to shift your negative thoughts to positive ones, and in turn shift your entire outlook on life. To stop taking life so doom and gloom.

If you're serious about making a change, I recommend my 'Introducing the New You' 7 day challenge which eases you into positive daily habits whilst guiding you through daily challenges to build that strong, confident and positive mindset you are dreaming about.

Because after all... your story starts as soon as you take the pen 🖊️

Lots of love,


x x x


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