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The easiest ways to finally improve your body confidence ♡

Body confidence and acceptance is a topic I feel so strongly about. I am forever thankful for this new age of social media that uplifts all bodies and for the ever increasing inclusion of all body types in campaigns and modelling.

In recent years and especially during the pandemic lockdowns it has got me thinking and uncovering truths about myself and my body that I never even knew existed. I uncovered wounds and beliefs about my body that had been set in through years of dance training and looking at various publications over the years that preached about 'thunder thighs' and only showed women starving themselves to look a certain way.

I genuinely used to believe that I would only be liked by my peers and boys if I was skinny and that I just had to be skinnier than my boyfriend or else it looked wrong.

As I've come out of full time education and as lockdown hit, I have gained weight. I accept it and own it. I did less exercise and enjoyed my food as I should. But I was also spending a lot of time with myself and my family. People who genuinely don't care what I look like, and accept me however.

It was during this time that I started seeing a lot

of creators on Tiktok showing their 'that girl' routines and aesthetically pleasing videos. I began thinking well I could be like them if I only lost all of the weight I have gained. Which then started to spiral as the more Chloe Ting workouts I tried and eventually failed a few weeks later, the worse I felt about myself.

Then came my saving grace: creators like Spencer Barbosa and Olivia Kirby, I could name so many more but I am just so thankful to girls like these that bare all and show that it is okay to. Their videos are so comforting and inspiring, and make you feel so much less alone. I started wondering what it would feel like if I could be more relatable on my channels. I began filming myself before and after I ate a meal in a cute outfit and realised something a few months down the line. I accept myself and love myself more than I have ever done before. By trying to be relatable and add comfort to others' feeds, I have learned so much more about myself and love myself more than I ever thought possible.

So I am here today to give you the starting points that it took me a while to get to. To make your life easier and jump start your journey of body acceptance and confidence.

My three top tips for finally improving your body confidence are these:

  1. Follow uplifting accounts on social media. Let's face it. If you are reading this then you more than likely have an Instagram account, or a Tiktok account, or both. It's what we use to pass the time, to fill the void. So why not use it for good? If you do anything today you should follow Spencer Barbosa, Olivia Kirby, Ambar Driscoll, May ridts, chessieking and georgieeswallow. That's just a start. Oh and you can follow me as well if you haven't already tehe (vickireckless)

  2. Finally throw out those clothes that don't fit. What is the use in keeping them anyway?! They are a constant reminder that they are the old you. And let me tell you the new you is wayyy more exciting anyway!

  3. Catch your negative thoughts. At this stage we are just being aware of our thoughts and accepting them. Not trying to drastically shift to this new positive outlook straight away. By just catching the thought as it comes in and saying 'okay, I accept the thought but it does not define me' we are starting to make a huge change.

If you want to decide to take action in your life today and become the author of your story then I highly recommend my 'Introducing the New You' 7 day challenge that will introduce you to life changing daily habits for just £11!

But for now, here is my story. I hope these simple acts will help set you on the right path to body confidence.

Lots of love,


x x x


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