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The number one way to grow on Instagram

Thousands flock to Instagram each day for a mindless scroll, an entertainment buzz, the latest meme or maybe even to learn something. It's an addiction; consumers must get their fix of the latest and greatest from friends and influencers alike otherwise they feel lost and their hands make the scrolling motion when they're sat on their sofa alone.

It connects humans far and wide, all searching for validation or companionship.

For some Instagram is pure joy, for others; namely those that are trying to grow their accounts, it is the worst place on earth.

It seems Instagram has been taunting it's users for years on end with the promise of an algorithm so strong and clever that you may become famous overnight.

Sadly, they failed us.

The algorithm not only sucks, but it hides the content you wish to see and then randomly regurgitates accounts you had forgotten you followed every so often. It makes little to no sense, and unless you're getting 70 comments, 25 saves and 300 likes per post, you may be disappointed to hear that the algorithm will not favour you. (Those figures are exaggerations but the idea is pretty accurate).

So in 2021, what is the most effective way to grow on Instagram, to consistently see that 'new follower' notification?

If you're here hoping I say well of course! You should buy 1000 followers per month, that will solve it! Then I am sorry to tell you it is a no from me.

But there is an even more 'reel'iable way to see growth in your account. See what I did there?

The answer to your problem is this:


Instagram is still pushing reels the most in our feeds, and even has a section now dedicated to them! It is trying to keep up with it's highest competitor, TikTok, who is essentially stealing it's custom.

I will tell you a little story about my Instagram just to give some context here. I was floating along at about 2 thousand followers, dropping and growing a couple then dropping a couple again. The cycle was endless. Then lo and behold Instagram wanted to get some of the video action that TikTok was producing.

Enter, reels.

I was so intrigued by TikTok but didn't have the time or energy to figure out a new platform at that time, so I jumped on the reels train from the word go.

That was when I noticed that out of seemingly nowhere, my videos were getting 10s of thousands of views!

And with them, my follower count went up and up.

To 5 thousand followers! A number I was convinced I would never see in my life.

Now the key to reels nowadays isn't necessarily posting every single day, although it does give a higher chance of the algorithm picking up your videos. But posting high quality, saveable and shareable content is the most surefire way to get those views and in turn the followers you may want to see.

I have a whole host of top tips for securing those high views on reels that I will be sharing in the coming weeks, and over on my social media management Instagram. Make sure that you sign up to my mailing list so that you don't miss those top tips, I can promise you that you will not regret it.


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