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Thriving in uncertainty ❥

I don't know if you have guessed by now, but my blog posts always come straight from the heart. If something is on my mind, if I'm struggling with something, I come up with a pep talk for myself, help myself through it, and then relate what I have found into an Instagram post, reel or blog post for my longer rambles.

Uncertainty has really been on my mind and heart the last couple of weeks. The uncertainty that surrounds my life and career over the next few months, and generally the uncertainty that the world is in.

I have been seeing uncertainty as this monumentally bad and negative thing that clouds everything and leaves a misty fog in it's wake; a fog crippled with doubt, negativity and foreboding.

I've pondered it in my daily meditation and journalling practises and had a little breakthrough.

Uncertainty does not have to be a bad thing.

If we shift the conversation surrounding uncertainty to welcome all that uncertainty brings with it then we will see it in a whole new light.

Uncertainty brings with it new opportunities: opportunities to try something new, to reflect on where we've come from, to live in the moment, to greet each day with open arms not knowing what it will bring.

Yes, uncertainty can bring feelings of anxiety for people like me who like to have a plan for every occasion and life stage. But I am now accepting and being thankful for uncertainty. There is no other time in my life than my twenties when it is most okay to be uncertain. To test the waters of career paths, to change my mind, to make new friendships and cut old ties.

Live and breathe in the uncertain, and trust that in a few years or months when you have found your way, that it probably was a period of time that was most exciting and where you learnt most about yourself.

They say that nothing is worth doing unless it scares you a little, and uncertainty can definitely be scary. But that is why you should live in it, go for what you don't know, what doesn't lie in your comfort zone.

Lean into uncertainty, and it is there that you will thrive.

Lots of love,


x x x


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