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7 Day 'Re-Fresh'

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A 7 day digital guide for the female wanting to establish...

  • Healthy daily habits

  • Unshakeable self confidence,

  • A roadmap to success.

Whilst she...

  • Uncovers mental blocks that are holding her back.


  • Wants to finally put herself first.

What is included?

  • Lifetime access to a digital seven day workbook with exercises to complete daily.

  • Daily Affirmations, Gratitudes and journalling prompts.

  • A specialised guide to building positive daily habits.

  • A 're-fresh' task per day, helping you to identify limiting beliefs and realise what is holding you back

  • A beginner's guide to understanding affirmations, manifestation and the law of attraction.

  • A surprise gift at the end of the guide.

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Who will benefit from the guide?

  • The lady who wants to establish healthy, mindful habits & eliminate negative ones.

  • The gal that knows she is destined for more.

  • The creative wanting to build a roadmap towards her dreams.

  • The boss ass woman who wants to level up, invest in herself and live out the life of her dreams.

  • The one who has never really put herself first, but wants to begin doing so today.

Sound like you?

How does it work?

The guide begins with an introduction into the habits it will help you build such as daily affirmations, gratitudes, visualisations and more. These habits will be repeated daily to help establish them into your daily routine.

There will be a morning routine and an evening routine to complete daily, each containing bullet point lists to tick off when completed to help you make the most out of the experience.

There will also be a 're-fresh' task of the day where you will be challenged to push yourself out of your comfort zone to see what is holding you back, how you can overcome this, and help build a roadmap to help you achieve your long term goals. 


What will life look like after completing the guide?

  • You will have set your intentions and goals for the next 3 months.

  • You will have the confidence to go for the life you want.

  • You will have begun practising positive daily habits.

  • You will have identified where your limiting beliefs lie & what is holding you back at the moment.

  • You will have a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Gratitude practise and more.

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What do people say?

Josie, 22

Success story for your guide: I achieved my goal to get a job by graduation... I've been quite brave in getting things out the way that I have been putting off for ages! It's actually been really good for me.

Emma, 22

I've been using your guide recently and I love it! It really helped me to assess certain areas of my life and to start making improvements! The guide encouraged me to actually apply certain elements, such as affirmations and visualisations, to my life that otherwise I would keep putting off! I also love that you can print the guide off and use it again and again! thank you so much!!

Faz, 27

People really need this stuff in their lives, to really hold themselves accountable & better their lives. I can't express how helpful this guide was for people like me.

Does this sound like the 're-fresh' you need?

Stop getting in your own way. Get your guide today!

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