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1:1 High Support Coaching Programme

It's time to finally feel comfortable & at peace with your body my girl.

Imagine what your life would be like if:
➵ the voice in your head hypes you up rather than tears you down,
➵ the way you look no longer dictates how you feel or act,
➵ you didn't let fear stand in the way of your big dreams,
➵ you actually took action towards your goals every single day,
➵ you truly accept and love yourself exactly the way you are.

Learn the exact methods that allow me to:

➵ show up online LOUD & PROUD as a curvy, mid-size woman,
➵ say bye bye to self doubt, comparisons & unhelpful beliefs,
accept myself completely & bring joy, fun and happiness into every area of my life,
silence the negative voice in my head and be my own best friend & cheerleader,
take big action towards by goals every single day,

sound good?


IMG_7513 2.jpg
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IMG_7610 2.jpg

Life  gets to be fun & exciting!

This is a hands on programme that challenges you & holds you accountable to take action each week.

By the end of the program you will have:

↠ A new found appreciation for everything that makes you unique
↠ Developed techniques to reframe unhelpful thoughts when they come up
Built badass confidence in your abilities
↠ Have an action plan to propel you towards your goals
Tools to keep working towards your most confident, badass version of you
Worked through the blocks that are currently standing in the way of your dream life
A new best friend (in yourself, and me hehe)
↠ A 'just say yes' mindset that keeps you open to new opportunities
↠ A fun approach to life & business

Are you ready?



Deep discovery dive:
2 hour Zoom Call
➳ Discover your goals & desires

➳ Laser focus on what you wish to work on & achieve
➳ Uncover what you believe is holding you back
➳ Outline key areas to focus on
➳ Visualise what your ideal future will look like
➳ Set a plan for the 12 weeks ahead

➳ Get to know you on a deeper than surface level

WEEK 2-6

Self discovery, mindset training & confidence building:
 1 hour weekly Zoom calls
➳ Identify & remove limiting beliefs & blockages
➳ Understand where each belief comes from
➳ Confidence building techniques
➳ Gravestone task
➳ Utilise GROW, Neurological training, FEAR, Reframing techniques to get a deep understanding of self

➳ Understanding & utilising gratitude 
➳ Challenging belief cycle
The power of self talk

WEEK 7-11

Setting you up for success:
1 hour weekly Zoom calls
➳ Put your discovery into practice

➳ Outcome focused- create a clear, visual action plan to get you closer than ever before to your goals
➳ Brainstorm & plan- trial what feels fun and authentic for you in every area of your life
➳ Handle any problems or blockages that come up
➳ Incorporate all we have covered into a solid daily routine


Graduation & final action plan:
➳ Deep reflection on everything we have uncovered, achieved, worked through in our time together
 See if there is anything that still holds you back
 Put the final pieces of the puzzle together for you to take into life beyond TCCM
 Reflect on how you started the process to how you have finished it
 Get all emotional about how much we have loved our time together 

Life is too short to spend it holding yourself back.

Have questions or ready to go?

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