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Having body acceptance and badass confidence is the best way to show up online and IRL as a Curvy Creator. 


Through truly accepting who you are, what makes you unique and what you have to offer in this world, your self confidence will soar and you will be able to take action towards the goals you have been putting off for so long.


Have you always wanted to post on social media but feel like you’re not good enough? Or you don’t know where to start?

Do you find that the voice inside your head is constantly battling against you and telling you that you are not good enough to be a creator/business owner?

Do you walk into social situations and immediately compare yourself to other people in the room?

Do you often think to yourself ‘why can’t I look like her’?

Do you look in the mirror and tear apart every inch of your body?

Do you procrastinate going for your goals because you fear what people might think?

Do you dream about a creative life filled with freedom, travel and luxury but your lack of confidence and self worth holds you back?

Do you want to accept and love yourself but you don’t know where to start?


Coaching is a way of moving you from where you are now to where you want to be. 


Through powerful conversations we shift your perspective, reframe unhelpful beliefs and set physical action steps to get you to where you want to be.


It means letting go of excuses, holding yourself accountable and putting yourself first.



We will have powerful conversations on a weekly basis which will help you:

- set goals for your business/creative plans,

- reframe limiting beliefs 

- build inner confidence & body acceptance.


From week to week you will have access to me via Whatsapp between our calls for any questions or queries.

This allows me to hold you accountable for your action steps that we set in our weekly calls!


I have been there. I was the girl showing up to parties uncomfortable in what I was wearing, feeling ‘too big’ and comparing myself to other ‘skinnier’ girls around me, feeling like I never 'fit in'.


I only ever posted over-edited images with filters that I thought would make me look more desirable. I sought validation from anyone that would give it to me. I would obsess over how others viewed me and replayed situations over and over instead of getting my own shit done.


I know how it feels.



But I also know that it is possible to completely turn your life around. I am a living breathing example of what can happen when you decide to put yourself first for once and start to focus on building a relationship with yourself. 


I now enter social situations with badass confidence, without apologising for who I am or worrying what others are thinking about me.


I share my body, my life and my story online every single day, without the need for filters, body enhancement or deleting the unflattering images. I have built a business from scratch, I’m able to connect with women all over the world, I have manifested my dream relationship and I’ve built soul fueled friendships with like-minded people. 


How did I get here? Coaching.  


I have always been praised for how warm, comforting & magnetic my energy is. This is something that I love to bring to my coaching sessions. I am empathetic, I empower people to feel their best and embrace everything that has been holding them back. Think of me like your virtual bestie and cheerleader in one.


I am an accredited coaching master, I have worked in social media as a content creator & social media manager for over 7 years and I am a LAMDA trained actor with a BA Drama & English. I have had countless years of training in self-confidence for the stage and beyond, which serves me well as a confidence coach. 


I bring all of my knowledge from years of performing for stage & screen and creating content for brands like Boux Avenue, Fabletics, Yoppie, I Saw It First and more into a safe, homely environment to discuss your confidence & body acceptance so we can propel yourself towards where you want to be.


No gate-keeping here girlies!

Pay in full: £800

3 x monthly instalments:


I know that if you have read this far, you are ready. 


You have had enough of the comparisons, the voice in your head tearing you down, looking in the mirror and hating what you see, feeling uncomfortable in your body. 


It is time to take back control and start showing up how you have always wanted to.


Let’s chat. 

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