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A mindset shift that helped me show up online

This is for you if you have ever put off something because you are scared of what your peers will think.

Believe me, I get it.

I have received comments online and in real life from people who don’t get what I do, have misunderstood what I do as ‘promoting obesity’, people who think it’s good to ‘pass the time’ before I find a ‘real job’ and so on.

It sucks when you get comments like these.

But at the end of the day, are these opinions and backhanded comments going to stop me from going for my goals? No.

Am I going to get to the end of my life and think thank god I actually went for it? Hell yeah I am.

Because the most important thing to me is helping people achieve their goals, helping people love themselves and have the confidence to do the things they have been putting off for so long.

As long as I have that vision in mind, who cares what anyone else thinks?! I’m not talking to them in my content, it isn’t for them.

It is for you, dear reader.

The one who is going to say yes to themselves today, to finally push themselves to stop caring what others think.

Ready to say yes? DM me on Instagram to get inside my program for mid size, curvy creators who want to accept their bodies, have badass confidence to finally start showing up online as they have always wanted to.

Let's chat my girl. I got you.

Lots of love,


x x x


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